When buying a natural mattress from any retailer, you should think about:

Fire retardant chemical free

Inside and out – including the cover. (Ours are – guaranteed!)

Natural and organic

Be safe! Ask for a copy of the fire certificate. All manufactures HAVE TO have one. Remember organic cotton alone is not fire retardant. (We can supply a copy of our certificate with every purchase)

Your Budget

You don’t have to pay a fortune to sleep safely! (Our handmade UK manufactured mattresses are modestly priced as we believe everyone should be able to sleep safely)


Reasons our mattresses will reassure you

  • We have over 30 years experience of making mattresses
  • Our mattresses are handmade by craftsman for the ultimate comfort and a safe night’s sleep for all the family, guaranteed. All at a great price too!
  • FREE 10 year extended Warranty

Your support needs

Quality fillings are the key to having the perfect night’s sleep. (We offer a range of mattresses all using luxury fillings – if you need help just ask!)

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